Tips for perfectly decorating your garden

If homeowners want to make a small and convenient space outside for members in the family to gather around on the weekend, there are lots of ways you can utilize. To illustrate, there are many different things you can use such as paint, chairs, extra cloth, umbrella or some decorative fences.

open the door

On the other hand, your garden will become more beautiful and more impressive if individuals challenge themselves to make a unique wooden chairs with their best router table. The combination of this chair and the other natural surroundings in the garden will create wonderful moments of relaxation for homeowners on the weekend.

Create the hanging garden on the wall

Create a hanging garden on the wall is not hard, homeowners can apply two methods for creating this type of decoration including:

  1. Create the floor in different position and height to form a hanging garden
  2. Stick the metal bars or different floor on the wall perfectly to bring a new appearance for your house. As a result, you can hang on various colorful flower pots to make the space more interesting.

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Brighten up your space with decorative pillows

With any public space in your house such as the bedrooms, living room or a silent place to relax or study at the corner, the pillows are accessories that homeowners can pick up for designing their house. Pillows not only make individuals relax, but also add up some focus points for the beauty of the house. Nowadays, homeowners tend to pick up one of the best beginner sewing machines for making lots of sewing decorations such as pictures, toys or pillows.

Besides, the pillow now comes in a wide range of shape including square, rectangular, round or heart for individuals to choose. Many people took the advantage of those brilliant colors, vivid and beautiful patterns embroidered on the pillow to form indoor decorations in the most spectacular method.

sewing machines for beginners

Depending on the sizes, materials and colors of each, decorative pillows also have a variety of designs and different materials that best suit each type of corner in your house. There are some basic dimension for individuals to consider when picking up their own decorating accessories.

  • The most popular are still the rectangular pillows (35cm x 70cm)
  • Second, the square (40cm x 40cm, 45cm x 45cm) is often used for decorating the living room with sofas
  • Third, the circular cylindrical pillow can make the space become funnier and interesting.

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Things to consider when purchasing the electric pressure cooker

Nowadays, beside to the use of gas stoves and electric cookers, the best electric pressure cooker is also one indispensable appliance in that each family must have in their own kitchen. Therefore, with the development of knowledge, knowing how to choose and buy an electric pressure cooker is very important to fulfill the need of individuals.


However, not everybody knows how to use this type of kitchen appliance in the most effective and safest way. This article will help homeowners differentiate between different types of electric pressure cookers. In addition, there are also ways for using this appliance in the safest method so that individuals can protect the health of all members in their family.

The traditional electric pressure cooker

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Lucky Bamboo – A greate idea to decorate your house

Called as the plant that can bring up to the owner the luck and fortune, it is not hard to see a pot of lucky bamboo at home or even at the office or on the desk. It is also said that the luck will be much more if somebody give this houseplant as a gift.

Lucky Bamboo 1

How to care for

Lucky bamboo is an awesome species to grow at home not just because of its luck, but also as how easy of it to take care of. All you need to do is just following these steps:

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How to make your house look brighter

A house is where people always come back after a hard working or studying day. It is not only a place to provide for us a place to sleep at night, but also gives us the most peaceful atmosphere that nowhere can compare with. Of course, nobody wants their house to be so gloomy. Below are some tips for you to light up your house.

living room 1

Tip #1: Make color to your house

There are usually 2 ways to create colors to your house’s walls, which are: painting and sticking wallpaper.

If you love DIY job or have much free time, painting wall is an awesome choice. Let’s get started with choosing the suitable colors that can make your house look brighter. The advice here is choosing the bright or pastel colors. White is the best choice because it not only makes the house become less gloomy, but also creates the feeling of elegance. If you do not like white color, you can choose pale pink, pale yellow, cream or green. You should avoid choosing the deep colors such as brown, black or purple because they will make the dark room not become more brilliant.

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Maidenhair Fern – An interesting houseplant

Decorating the house with plants growing indoors to make it become cozier seems to be not a bad idea. Nowadays, among many species of houseplants, it is not hard to see a maidenhair fern at someone’s house because it is one of the most popular and favorite plants that is able to grow indoors without the direct sunlight. If you are wondering why this plant is so well-known, let’s follow this article:


Reason 1: Because its history

Do you know that the genus name of maidenhair fern has the meaning of “non wetting”? Because the surface of its leaves can be waterproof and will not get wet. Besides, the reason why it is named as “Maidenhair fern” is that its oil is used for making shampoo.

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How to grow and take care of cactuc indoors

Among the many different kinds of houseplants, cactus seems to be the most popular ones as it not only makes the house look more beautiful, but it is also rather easy to grow. Besides, this plant can stand the harsh condition and live well in soil and under sunlight. However, it does not mean that you absolutely do not care about how to grow and take care of it.

cactus indoor 1

In the previous post, we have mentioned some basic information about cactus. Thus, in this post, we will focus on 2 main matters which are how to grow and how to take care.

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Decorating your home with plants

If your living atmosphere is a little bit stuffy or your house looks rather gloomy, how about improving it with some plants that growing indoors. Here are some ideas for you:


This plant was derived from Greek. Up to now, it has been more than 100 species. However, just a few ones can be grown indoors such as:

  • D. deremensis
  • D. fragrans
  • D. godseffiana
  • D. marginata
  • D. braunii


They do not need the direct sunlight so that you can place it at home with the temperature about 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, they are very easy to water and fertilize. You just remember to water it when finding out that the soil is dry. About fertilizer, you can choose the liquid houseplant fertilizer and put it down to the plants every 2 weeks in the spring and summer. In the winter, the weather is colder and colder, you just need to feed every month.

However, for those who have dogs and cats, you should look after them carefully because this plant is toxic to cats and dogs and Dracaena may do harm to them if they eat it.

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Funny Animals

Lol :))

Funny Animals Cartoons Compilation Just for Kids Entertainment is a fun compilation of the Gazoon family with an elephant, serpent, ostrich and many more friends. So come watch this video and laugh out loud.

This compilation consists:-

00:00 Spring Fever
05:03 Charlies Glasses
10:06 Lost Voice
15:06 Splash
20:05 Hush a bye baby

Source: Youtube